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Realism is my goal when making a prop. From the scuplt to the paint job, the details blur the border between reality and fantasy.


I offer an array of makeup work ranging from horror effects to body-paint to theatrical beauty.


Using a wide variety of materials to mold and cast, the sculptures I develop are derived from realistic and theatrical inspirations.


about me.

G - Gorgeous: For the beauty makeup I offer.

F - Franken: The mutiple prosthetics I use in different applications combining them into one piece.

F.X. - Effects.


I have been doing makeup effects since 2008, and while at times I have collaborated with other artists it's mainly a one woman show. I have been a part of the horror field for quite some time and have been exposed to all types of horror work. My primary focus has been creature fabrication because I have always thought that blood and heavy gore were more of a crutch to lean on. The main drive of my work is to prove that you can have a creepy, hauntingly beautiful piece with little to no blood.

While I am constantly pushing myself to learn new techniques and expand my portfolio I aim to please any customers that cross my path. That being said I provide meticulous fabrication of small to medium props, creature prosthetics, beauty makeup, makeup/props for haunts/metal bands, body paint, even decor for horror themed events.

If there is something you might be interested in having me work on for you but do not see any previous examples I have done, please do not be afraid to ask, as I am willing to figure out how to create the piece or look for you.




Palma H. LaTorre


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